Feasy, a digital travel assistant

A digital travel assistant in your chat app

Personalized trip information and travel services straight to your device.
What you need, when you need it.

Flight Tracking Assistant

Hey traveler, meet Feasy

Feasy is a digital travel assistant that helps you with real-time travel information, service offers and activities tips based on your trip data, location and interests.

No need to install another another app. Simply connect Feasy with your preferred messaging channel, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

No sponsored content, only quality deals and tips according to your preferences.

Get started with Feasy in 3 steps 

Travel Assistant

1. Connect

Sign up and select your preferred channel: Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.  Just one click to opt-in or out.

Add a trip

2. Add a trip

Forward your flight reservations to me@getfeasy.com or add them via the channel you selected.


Travel with Feasy

3. Travel with Feasy

Feasy will contact you before you set off and at key moments through your journey, anticipating your travel needs like a personal assistant!

Travel made freaking easy

✈️  Flight tracking 

🚕  Airport transfer and valet parking

❤️  Health and safety updates, including COVID-19 info

☀️  Weather forecast

🍽️  Dinner and activities recommendations

💼  Door-to-door luggage delivery

and much more!

Get your personal travel assistant

Available in 22 countries and over 100 cities worldwide.


Feasy is a digital travel assistant that delivers hand-picked service recommendations and real-time travel information straight to your device.

Feasy can assist you in 22 countries and over 100 cities worldwide.


Flight tracking

Weather information

Airport transfer

Parking valet

Food recommendations


Luggage delivery

Heath & safety updates









United Kingdom and more!