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What is Feasy?

Feasy is a digital travel assistant that makes travel freaking easy. Feasy hand-picks services and activities for your location and keeps you up to date with real-time trip information. Straight to your device on your preferred messaging app.

Just add you interests and Feasy will make magic and choose the best services and activities tailored to your interests.

Why use Feasy?

Feasy reduces stress and hassle along your trip, like having your own personal assistant to think of the little things. For example, Feasy can help you transfer to or from the airport, share tips on best activities in town, send you updates on your flight status, the weather… and so much more. 

Check out all the services provided by Feasy here.

How to use Feasy?

Register with your email address and connect Feasy to your preferred messaging channel: WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. No need to download another app!

To start using Feasy, add a trip in the messaging channel or by forwarding the flight booking confirmation to me@getfeasy.com. Feasy will get in touch before you hit the road and will keep you in the know.

Can I ask Feasy questions?

Feasy is a clever zebra and provides you with everything you need to know about your trip and suggestions for all kinds of great services right when you need them.

Feasy is not a chatbot, so it doesn’t understand free text and can’t answer questions. To interact with Feasy, use the quick reply option shown in Facebook Messenger or follow the reply instructions in WhatsApp.

How to see the latest COVID-19 travel rules?

If you are already registered in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you can type “COVID” and Feasy will send you link where you can see the latest restrictions.

If you are not yet registered, you can see the COVID-19 travel rules here.

I sent my trip to Feasy, but I don’t receive an answer.
What should I do?

Contact Feasy support at help@getfeasy.com and the zebra team will look into the issue.
Note that Feasy supports only flight itineraries. 

How can I modify my booking or get a refund?

If you’re looking for a refund for canceled flights or want to change your booking, you’ll need to contact the airline or the agency you booked your ticket with. Feasy can’t help you with that.

How much does Feasy cost?

Feasy is a free digital travel assistant.

Services that Feasy recommends are provided by partners and you will see a price quote before you book it.

Is Feasy secure?

Yes! Your personal details and travel information are protected, and Feasy will never share your data 🔒

If you have any doubts, check out our privacy policy here.

Can I change the channel that I use?

Yes, any time.

Login with your email and password here: app.getfeasy.com and go to Channels. Switch the channel you have selected any time you need to.

I have a problem with a service that I booked with Feasy.

What should I do?

Feasy works with partners to provide you services throughout your journey. To manage your booking, get in touch with the service provider directly.

When you make a booking, you should receive an email confirmation including details on how to modify, cancel or manage your booking.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, login with your username and password here,  go to Account and select Delete My Account.

You will have three days to recover your account once you delete it. Afterwards, Feasy will delete your account and all your private information.

Have you ever seen a zebra cry? No? Well, Feasy will be very sad to see you leave.

Do you have another question? 

If you have any questions, please send them to help@getfeasy.com and the Feasy team will get back to you ASAP!


Feasy is a digital travel assistant that delivers hand-picked service recommendations and real-time travel information straight to your device.


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